Change today is rapid and relentless. Success or failure hinges on how you respond !



Either B2B or B2C inbound or outbound, our agents are highly educated and specifically trained to handle all aspect of telemarketing (direct sales, market research, collections, credit card validation, order processing etc.). Each campaign is assigned a specific project manager and Team leader, which monitors the agents at regular intervals. (Supervisor Vs Agents Ratio 10:1) 

Lead generation – ICC can drive corporate sales, while achieving significant improvements in cost and quality. (Mortgage – Appointments Setting) 

Order Processing – ICC can handle all telephone based or Internet on-line services, our agents can meet our clients fulfillment needs such as catalog sales, direct response television and home shopping

Customer Service 

ICC provides high quality services to assist organizations in managing customer relationships through the entire life cycle of the customer — acquisition, retention and continued loyalty. 

ICC believes that communicating with your customer today means much more than simply answering the phone. Today’s customers look toward e-mail, wireless devices, and Web chat as well as the telephone as potential service channels. 

As the technology needs of business becomes increasingly more complex, ICC is committed to adapting to the ever-changing environments of our clients. Our state of the art call centers include multiple channels of communication from voice to Web chat to e-mail deployed in a manner that is consistent with your customers’ communications expectations.

Back Office Processing

Advances in technology have made it possible to relocate several functions, even many critical back end processes, to anywhere in the world. 

ICC can service corporate accounting involving financial and management accounting, receivables / payables management, payroll processing, insurance claims processing, tax estimation and IRS filing. 

Our IT department works in close partnership with our client’s in house IT team, to ensure that file transfer and record processing is seamless to their existing processes. We can mimic the existing client’s in-house system so our agents can work using the identical processes used by our client or help develop a new system. The ICC Operational team works in concert with the client to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming one of the most efficient forms of marketing and communication you can have with your clients and potential customers. Email in itself is widely accessible and a generally accepted form of business communication. 

ICC Solutions Inc. email marketing is a very cost-effective, time-efficient tool that has a high response rate. As a marketing tool, email is one of the most cost effective ways to maintain an ongoing dialog with your targeted markets. 

ICC Solutions Inc. is a leader in providing email marketing services to businesses and organizations around the world. With our exclusive range of product and services for email marketing, you can now take advantage of the email marketing medium.