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About Us

ICC offers our clients an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise in a variety of call center solutions

ICC is a leading global provider of services that transforms the businesses of corporation around the world. With an extensive network of global alliances and industry knowledge, ICC can drive corporate sales, enhance customer satisfaction and help corporations meet their strategic goals, while achieving significant improvements in cost and quality.

ICC provides high quality services to assist organizations in managing customer relationships through the entire life cycle of the customer — acquisition, retention and continued loyalty.

ICC believes that in today’s economic society, corporations are taking conscience steps, looking for cost effective locations where remote processing work can be done. Advances in technology have made it possible to relocate several functions, even many critical back end processes, to anywhere in the world.

ICC has established a presence in the global arena, provide cutting edge and cost effective solutions for all call center needs: Telemarketing (inbound-outbound), Help Desk- Customer Service (voice- web chat- email), Tech Support and Back- Office Processing.

ICC believes a smooth workflow in a call center requires an organizational structure that is able to respond quickly and efficiently to customers ever changing needs.

ICC offers state of the art expertise when it comes to operational interfaces. We pride ourselves on personalized consultations, industry expertise and total commitment.

ICC has real-world experiences in establishing offshore call centers in Philippine providing the entire infrastructure of people and connectivity with the comforts of a US based headquarters.