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Outsourcing  your call center needs to a facility in the Philippines is the topic of widespread interest and why not. With a large highly educated and English speaking work force, a strong work ethic and a reputation for technical competency the Philippines is the ideal alternative to expensive equipment acquisition, training cost (employee turnover), and overpriced local outsource providers.

Many companies Fortune 500 Companies have already chosen the Philippines as the base for their new global call centers. These are choices made for solid practical reasons, which guarantee them a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace.

Another compelling factor in the Philippines favor is that corporation can capitalize on its unique time zone position. the Philippines offers a virtual 12-hour time zone difference with the U.S. and six to seven hours with most European markets. Our agents work throughout the day and night eliminating any unproductive hours for your business.

ICC provides high quality services to assist organizations in managing customer relationships through the entire life cycle of the customer — acquisition, retention and continued loyalty.

ICC believes that communicating with your customer today means much more than simply answering the phone. Today’s customers look toward e-mail, wireless devices, and Web chat as well as the telephone as potential service channels.

As the technology needs of business becomes increasingly more complex, ICC is committed to adapting to the ever-changing environments of our clients. Our state of the art call centers include multiple channels of communication from voice to Web chat to e-mail deployed in a manner that is consistent with your customers’ communications expectations.